About Danielle & C.A.F.

Danielle was born with a passion for horses and riding. From the time she was 3 she could not be pulled away from these animals and the desire to be with them just continued to grow. Now over 20 years later Danielle has created a life built around working with horses and riders. She enjoys and respects the versatility of the horse, and loves to cote to show off her horses many talents. She has gained the knowledge through years of hard work in different discipline equine facilities, from being a trail guide, to exercise rider, to taking every opportunity to ride any horse. She follows closely the styles of Buck Brannaman, Warwick Schiller, Denny Emerson, Philippe Karl, Alize Fromont, and she has ridden with numerous clinicians throughout the years.In 2014 Danielle topped 5th out of 30 horsewoman from around the country (including Mary Kitzmiller – who just recently competed in road to the horse, Marcia Moore Harrison – Cowboy dressage, and a quite a few other well known trainers) in the first ever American horsewoman’s challenge (and first ever liberty competition). She had 6 months to train a green horse to compete in a 3 day competition in Guthrie OK.
Danielle has competed in Eventing for almost 10 years, and has brought numerous horses to their first 3 phase. She has started many young horses, and has retrained countless horses for the majority of her career.
Currently Danielle competes in Eventing, Jumpers, Dressage, and Western Dressage.
Danielle’s Philosophy-

“I have a belief that there are many great athletic horses that simply need the tools to unlock their true potential. All of the horses that I have ever worked with, for one reason or another had been unable to achieve their potential. In working with horses, I allow them to tell me what their limitations are and I believe in the reality of their abilities in a reasonable, and sensible manner, therefore they are capable of achieving the greatest of their abilities. I have an optimistic, creative mind and truly enjoy finding the solutions to physical and mental puzzles for each individual horse I work with. I like to find and use creative tactics in my jumping and dressage exercises along with classic riding/training principles to help the horse and rider equally. I enjoy teaching horses how to appropriately act in different environmental situations, and I help them to understand how to think for themselves. I believe that in order to have a successful partnership, you must be able to have patience and understanding, along with consistency and clarity.


About C.A.F.
Branding your business can be a very tricky ordeal. I knew I had always wanted something that would reach out to all ‘equestrians’ as well as have something meaningful to me. When coming up with ideas, I struggled in finding something that would explain me and my focus for this business. I came to realize, that would be very complex to do. Eventually I zoned in on a few thoughts. My passion to grow and progress in all aspects of the horse world, my desire  for helping along horses and equestrians, and of course my goal of becoming an Olympic rider.
In truth, I had first researched the Olympics as a child. I distinctly remembered the motto “Citius, Altius, Fortius” (Latin for Higher, Faster, Stronger). What I personally took out of that phrase was  there is no end to what you can learn and how you can grow.
You may still be wondering how this relates considering not everyone has Olympic dreams! I simply transferred the idea into, every horse and rider can grow and become better. Become braver with their horses on the trail, more agile over jumps, or more in-tune and aware with their horses on the ground. No matter what discipline, no matter what view someone has on training, there is always room to progress and grow.
So this was how CAF Equestrian was born.
I truly love building a better connection with horse and rider. I love aiding in the incline of success and understanding. No matter what your goals are, no matter what your situation is, we all strive to become greater in our own way.