I reached out to Danielle last year after falling off my new horse several times.  I knew I needed help and I did not want to go the show barn route.  I stumbled upon Danielle’s website, call it fate, everything happens for a reason.  She came out to my house for the initial consultation and I just knew she was the right choice for me and Harley.  She makes me want to be a better rider and partner with my horse.  Her knowledge and experience stuns me.  She is creative in her training and has made learning and riding fun.  Her instruction style consists of tons of encouragement and lessons are broken down so they are easy to understand and follow, and she gives me homework!  She is honest, easygoing, dependable and passionate, everything I was looking for in a trainer/instructor.  It has been my pleasure working with Danielle and I look forward to learning everything I can from her.

Pam Chasse and Harley



I have never written a letter of recommendation before because I never felt strongly enough about any trainer/instructor to write one. The fact that you are reading this should already tell you something about Danielle Gabree. I’ve experienced may trainers over the years, some had more ego than knowledge and some were just okay. My horse deserves more than just okay and inflated ego’s.

Danielle was just what I was hoping for. My horse and I love working with her! She has patience, knowledge and great communication skills. What sets her apart is her ability to explain how your horse see’s and understands different situations and in turn teaches you how to communicate with your horse better. You never feel intimidated or overwhelmed. She gives you a can do feeling no matter what your skill level or age! I have recommended her to family and friends all at different levels of riding and they think she is great! If you are tired of trainer hopping then Danielle is the person you need. I wouldn’t write this if I didn’t believe in her.


Donna Gorney



1146489_192680757570741_1678665871_n“Danielle was definitely what my relationship with my horse needed. I lacked any sort of confidence when working with Snowy. I let her drag me around when I was leading her and I tiptoed around her head because she was head-shy. As a result, Snowy did not care much for the personal space of people and would whinny whenever you took her out of the barn by herself. Riding was not much different. Snowy would prance around while I merely held on and pointed her in the direction I wanted to go. While I had some apprehension about having someone else train and ride my horse, I knew I needed help more help than YouTube videos could give me.

After the first day of training, Danielle’s calm and knowledgeable demeanor had both put me at ease and given me and my horse a wake up call. Snowy began to realize that she could no longer walk all over people and (oh my gosh!) that all sorts of things touch could touch her ears and she wouldn’t get hurt. I, on the other hand, began learning how to take the alpha role when working with Snowy.

I cannot thank Danielle enough for how much she helped me. She was easy to work with and catered her knowledge of training to me and my horse’s specific situation. After every training session I saw improvements in both of us. Snowy is now more at ease both on the ground and while riding and I have confidence while working with her. Best of all, with Danielle’s training, I have had more even fun working with Snowy and I cannot wait for what else she has to teach us!”

-Kara Gingras


     -“Danielle Gabree took riding lessons from me for 2 years and she also worked part time for me. I owned and ran S&S Stables in Rye , NH . I did a lesson program, trained Morgan horses, summer camps and boarding. Danielle was a very good student, she always was eager to learn and not afraid of a challenge. She is a very good rider and she loves the horses. She helped us get the lesson horses ready for our students and also helped with the barn chores. Danielle was very reliable and a very hard worker. She has a great personality and a good work ethic, I am sure she will do well in anything she pursues.”

                                                                           -Susan Casper (Owner of S&S Stables)