C.A.F. Equestrian offers a range of services to complete every equestrians needs. Danielle offers an individual training program for every horse and rider. Sessions are tailored to fit the horse, rider or owners needs or goals.

Specializing in young horses and problematic riding between can and rider. She has brought along horses who others would deem unsafe, unruly, “too much to handle”, safely and with success. If you find that your relationship with your equine needs some strengthening, Danielle provides the knowledge to achieve your goals.




Danielle works with students to become proactive riders. Lesson horses are provided that are safe and easy to learn on. Lessons offered in English (dressage, eventing, jumping) or Western (trail riding, reining, western dressage). If your looking to build your confidence, knowledge, or riding capability, Danielle can help you achieve your goals!                            – Truck-in’s are welcome! Current coggins will need to be provided.

Training and Instruction – $75 per individual session

Board: Full board at $650

Offering full board  – Includes grain, hay, bedding if in stall, turnout, daily care. Including use of facilities (indoor, outdoor, groom areas, tack locker, wash stall)

 Training Board -Partial- $850  :  Full- $1,250

Partial training is 2 training sessions per week – Full training is 5 sessions per week

_____Horse Trucking________

Trucking is available for price of $2 per mile both ways. Certain situations where horses need to be handled by Danielle (whether the horse won’t load or there is no handler to load horse), extra costs will apply.


Please contact Danielle Sharp for clinic reservations.

Clinic formats are individually customized to suite the needs of specific students involved. Formats range from starting young horses to advanced riding. Options for sessions are individual, semi-private, and group.

Clinic topics cover –

  • Troubleshooting
  • Advanced riding
  • Backing the young horse
  • Groundwork for Riding (Sport Horsemanship)

How can Horsemanship help me and my horse?

Danielle seeks to help others fill the “holes” in their work. We spend an incredible amount of time on the ground with our horses, and building the relationship from the ground up is vital for a strong foundation. Learn tools and exercises that will help you develop a mindset to become a clear leader. This work helps you find a solutions on the ground and in the saddle.

If you have an inquiry on a service, or any questions regarding pricing and rates, please go to contact page!